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Operation Officer - Branches

Date: Oct 14, 2020

Location: Al Asimah, Kuwait



  1. Communication: distribute, inform, update retail for issues like authorized signatories update (added, cancelled), stamps, keys & combinations management, staff users & user id management, staff resignations, new amended forms.
  2. Support: Branches takeover/handover required job, IT related  reported issues (hardware, software), new branches checklists, branch renovations, staff transfer (temporarily, permanent) with related system updates & other divisions involvement, in addition to Personalized Cheques features, coordinating with related divisions, in order to deliver the same within the guidelines of regulators.
  3. Procedures: Make sure that any new process is being reflected on an approved procedure, whether new one, or add on an existing one, or amend it.
  4. Control: Make sure that any user on any system  have only the allowed accesses as per his/her role, coordinate with ITSEC for the same.
  5. System Tests: Perform system  tests as per requirements in order to reflect the business needs in the system, with related requests.
  6. Training: Provide training to related staff in order to be aware about the new developments (system, or process).
  7. Contracts: reviewing  the scope of work ensuring  business requirements are covered.
  8.  Audit Provide assistance to audit reports, whether by solving issues, or providing required information  related to a certain process
  9. Risk Reports: Provide assistance to operations risk management, by providing required reports.